Hillcrest Baptist Camp Application, Reservation and PayPal Payment Forms


Please contact our Camp Office to check the availability of your event dates. Click here to complete the Application Form online. Please send in Application Form along with the deposit on PayPal to confirm your Registration. We will hold the date for 10 working days to complete the process and receive the deposit of $5.00 per camper per day. Your event will not be confirmed until we receive this deposit. If we have not received the deposit by this time, we will notify you that you have been removed from our calendar and the date is now available for scheduling another group. Your Certificate of Insurance is required one week before arrival. Upon arrival the Group Leader must check in for the group at the Camp Office. At this time, the Camp Manager and Group Leader will take an inspection tour of the camp and complete check-in. A billing statement will be prepared and full payment is to be made before the close of your event. At the close of the event, an inspection tour will be made by the Camp Manager and the Group Leader to check for any damages.