Giving Opportunities

Do not Forget to do good and to share with others through Hillcrest.
(Hebrews 13:16)


For your information, peace of mind and security, Hillcrest is a fully licensed and incorporated Camp approved to raise funds and is sales tax exempt on purchases and sales by the State of Illinois and a public charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c) (3). The Camp’s Employer Identification Number is 04-3757247.

Board of Directors: Dr. Mike Rust is the President of the Board of Directors and has an earned doctorate and is an ordained minister and pastor representing KY. Mr. John Jackett is the Vice President and has all of the technical and professional certifications required to be in charge of all the various aspects of the buildings and grounds operations of the Camp and represents AL. Mr. Paul Kunath is the Treasurer, Director and an educated and retired owner/manager and successful business man and civic leader, deacon and representative for Antioch Missionary Baptist Association in IL. Rev. Chris Downing is the Secretary, Director and pastor in TN with excellent youth work expertise and representative for TN. Mrs. Melissa Halcom, Registered Agent, Director, Certified Public Accountant and Administrator Senior Plant Electric Energy, Inc., Metropolis, IL and is representative for Big Saline Missionary Baptist Association in IL.  Dr. David Jester is the working President Emeritus and a Certified Fund Raising Executive, former missionary and president in KY, TX and Nigeria and represents TX. Therefore, we respectfully, earnestly, prayerfully and passionately invite you to get to know, participate, and become involved in the ministries of Hillcrest.

Give prayerfully to Hillcrest Baptist Camp-Assembly, Inc. to help meet the needs of the Camp that the two founding Associations and churches are no longer able to meet. One of the founding associations no longer gives to Hillcrest because the churches are really struggling with fewer and fewer older members and pastors. The other Association has barely more than five churches facing the same problems, but nevertheless it is still helping Hillcrest.

Give with fierce and fearless determination to overcome the lack of jobs, ruined and broken families with children suffering from poverty, drugs, drinking, gambling, sexual abuse, illiteracy, disease, etc. caused by the forced closing of coal and felspar mines and the departure or closing of ancillary businesses.

Give with a fervent, firm resolve and passion to transform, disciple and call out the called children and youth through Hillcrest’s ministries and keep them out of the drug gangs, sexual trafficking, etc. of the Jugalos, Hog Rock Motorbikers, casinos, bars, etc. and from being jailed in prisons.

Give frequently and freely to make a difference one camper at a time in the most unchurched part of Illinois through Hillcrest where about 2,000 lives have been forever transformed and are making a difference in their churches, communities and schools.

Give generously to support a fruitful, continuous and stable ministry since 1967 by dedicated volunteers and missionaries serving on site by faith in one of the most difficult and challenging mission fields in America.

Give faithfully to help fund the ministry of Hillcrest that brings Christian motorbikers in the CMA to stay free of charge at Hillcrest at the beginning and end of the summer to work with many thousands of Hog Rock Motorbikers in the ungodly environment of their wide open meeting grounds on the Ohio River about ten miles from Hillcrest.

Give $100.00 to fund a five day scholarship for a camper to be able to come to Hillcrest to get to know the Lord personally and be transformed forever and to return to a struggling church to help revitalize it.

Give to help fund or endow and name a swimming pool to enable Hillcrest to recruit and retain churches, associations, schools and campers coming to Hillcrest on a regular basis. There is no swimming pool in the whole area.

Give to help fund or endow and name a multi-purpose building with a gym to accommodate games, worship, concerts, plays, kitchen, eating, conference and staff rooms to serve larger churches and associations and to maintain on going quality programs during rain and winter weather. This would enable Hillcrest to transform the Chapel into another cabin and the Dining Hall and Kitchen into much needed conference and meeting rooms.

Give to help fund or endow and name cabins to provide for more campers from the larger churches, associations, schools, etc.

Give to help fund or endow and provide sports facilities and equipment, folding chairs and tables for the current Chapel and Dining Hall and kitchen equipment for the Multi-purpose Building, water fountains, drink and snack machines, etc.

Buy from and save money, shipping and sometimes taxes and fund donations to Hillcrest. Remember, does not generate donations to Hillcrest. Only provides donations to Hillcrest. Make it easier to return to by adding a shortcut to your phone or computer screen by tapping the share icon, tap add on home screen and then tap add. Tap the new icon to return to at any time. Please make sure to use the following: to generate donations for Hillcrest. Many and many million dollars have been given since May 2017 to charities by Amazon, so please remember Hillcrest on each special holiday like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. and throughout the whole year. The more friends and supporters who buy regularly from the more money Hillcrest will receive for its ministries.

Buy gift cards from Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. to give to Hillcrest to buy toilet paper, hand towels, cleaning supplies, maintenance supplies, etc.

Donate to Hillcrest with your Kroger plus card or other cards.

Give funds to purchase a tractor with a blade in front, a bucket in back and the capability to mow and dig post holes.

Give in-kind gifts of building supplies, materials, equipment and tools for building and grounds repairs, renovations and construction and donate volunteer service as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, mechanic, computer technician, etc. These gifts are tax deductible.

Give stocks, bonds, insurance, deeds to property, paintings and other valuable gifts to Hillcrest.


What will be your legacy when you die?

“Only slightly more than half of Americans have a will or trust in place.

“One in four older adults considers planning for his or her estate (demise) to be increasingly difficult.” * It can be, but it does not have to be. You do not have to do it alone. If you do not have an estate strategy, will or trust, your State and the Feds by default have a legal plan for you that is not in your best interests. They will take everything they can at probate after your death and your desires will not be heard or followed. Therefore, you need to begin with a financial advisor who can provide advice and guidance as a relationship manager. Second, you need an estate planning attorney who will help you identify your estate-planning goals and options to pursue to realize your goals. The attorney can prepare a legal will, trust, power of attorney, living will or advance directive, etc. Third, you need a qualified tax professional or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to help you determine your true income, transfer, and other tax implications of your estate plan and to prepare your State and Federal income tax reports. Finally, you may also need a life insurance consultant to help you identify opportunities where insurance is an appropriate protection option in a sound estate strategy.

Today, not tomorrow is the right time to protect your heritage and control your legacy. Now, is the right time to include Hillcrest Baptist CampAssembly, Inc. in your will or a trust, so that what you lived and worked for can make an eternal difference in the heartland of America.

*See Edward Jones Financial Focus for further information and call Dr. David L. Jester, Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) at 247-717-5076 in Waco, TX or e-mail: for further assistance.

Give a personal, business, club, etc. check donation by U.S. Mail made out to Hillcrest Baptist Camp-Assembly, Inc., R.R. 1, Box 254 A, Cave-in-Rock, IL 62919 for operating, missionary support or any of the items mentioned above.


Mr. Doug Morrow, Executive Director (knows Hillcrest)
Baptist Foundation of Illinois (is a ministry of IBSA)
Doug’s Phone: 217-391-3102.
Mailing and street address: 3085 Stevenson Drive, Springfield, IL 62703

Kentucky Baptist Foundation
Mr. Richard Carnes, President, CEO and Treasurer
Toll free KY only: 866-489-3421 or USA 502-489-3421
Street address: 13420 Eastpoint Center Drive, Louisville, KY 40223.
Mailing address: P. O. Box 436389, Louisville, KY 40253-6389

Give by e-giving or electronic giving. Today, more than ever before, people are utilizing the internet for shopping, paying bills, electronic banking and giving. Hillcrest, therefore, is providing E-giving for your convenience in making payments for camps, retreats, rallies, reunions, conferences and other activities and also for giving to Hillcrest. Pay Hillcrest automatically for camping, etc., or give to Hillcrest automatically by using your local bank checking or savings account. Ask your bank to set-up Hillcrest Baptist Camp-Assembly, Inc. as the recipient of your payment for your child’s camping bill, or for your gift to fund a camper scholarship for your grandson for $100.00 for five days at Hillcrest. This is a great bargain opportunity you do not want to miss! You can also set-up a gift to help support the missionary Camp Manager and his wife who is the Office Manager by recurring gifts per month for one year or more or a single payment gift. This would really help our missionary managers a lot and be greatly appreciated! Thus, you can designate through your Bank and make Hillcrest the recipient, specify the amount and when it is to be paid and your Bank takes care of it for you.

E-giving is an automatic transfer program that allows you to make payments or contributions to Hillcrest without the hassle and expense of writing checks, addressing and mailing envelopes and you save a stamp each time you use it. No one at the Camp has access to your Bank account number, personal business or information. Thus E-giving by PayPal is easy, safe and secured by the highest security standards available. It even exceeds legal requirements for financial security. Therefore, PayPal ensures your peace of mind with the best automatic E-giving payment and giving solution on the market. Furthermore, changes can be made at any time to your Bank checking or saving account deductions or if necessary, even cancelled.

PayPal E-giving