1. Pray for awakening, repentance and revival in America and that it might start on the holy grounds of Hillcrest.

2.  Pray that the churches that founded Hillcrest and the cooperating churches in Illinois, Kentucky and elsewhere will support Hillcrest in word, deeds, prayer, financially and by sending their children, youth and adults to Hillcrest to be saved, discipled and equipped to serve the Lord.

3.  Praise the Lord for calling Reverend Christian McKenzie as a camper to be a pastor and blessing Katie as a camper at Hillcrest. Praise the Lord for giving them a heart and passion for Hillcrest.  Praise the Lord for calling Brother Christian as a Camp Manager and Katie as Camp Office Manager.

Pray earnestly, regularly, and faithfully for them that God will equip, empower, guide and direct them and use them mightily at Hillcrest for His glory and honor.

Pray the Lord will enable them to enlist camps, retreats, rallies, work teams, etc. that souls may be saved, discipled, and equipped.

*Pray for our HBC Board of Directors and Officers: Dr. Mike Rust, President and Pastor in KY and representative for KY as he presides at Board Meetings, supervises, coordinates, manages, enlists, promotes, etc. Hillcrest; cell: 270-350-1107; H: 270-522-8490; email: rustm@bellsouth.net; Mr. John Jackett, Vice President and leader of construction, renovation and repairs and AL representative to Hillcrest; cell: 256-708-2345; H: 256-739-9223; email: johnjackett@charter.net; Mr. Paul Kunath, Treasurer and a leader in his church and representative to Antioch Association; cell: 618-977-3297; H: 618-672-4293; Rev. Chris Downing, Secretary, Pastor in TN and TN representative to Hillcrest; cell: 270-559-9578; H: 731-407-7023; email: pastorchrisdowning@gmail.com; Mrs. Melissa Halcom, Registered Agent, Director and representative for Big Saline Association; cell: 618-645-0914 and email: melissahalcom@gmail.com; and Dr. David Jester, President Emeritus, helper and TX representative and his wife Marie who has chronic medical problems and suffers from a lot of pain. Cell: 254-717-5076; email: md30tt51@gmail.com.

*Pray for the Camps, rallies, retreats, reunions, Bible Studies, Women’s conferences, etc. for this summer and year and that campers will be transformed, called and discipled.

*Pray that churches, associations, WMU’s, Brotherhoods, youth leaders, schools/colleges and their organizations will be led to our website, Facebook and be referred to Hillcrest and come to Hillcrest for a good experience with the Lord.

*Pray that the Lord will supply givers to provide funds for a swimming pool where campers and members and guests from churches, etc. can come for outings, recreation and fun. The only pool in the area is a State one in Dixon Springs which is miles and miles away. The Camp must have a pool to recruit, retain and serve churches, associations, campers, etc.

*Likewise, pray for a multi-purpose facility for a gym, dining hall, kitchen, conference rooms and staff accommodations and also for another cabin to enable us to serve larger churches, associations, schools, etc.