Service Opportunities


Hillcrest’s mission action plan teaches the Bible, the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and all the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

1. HBC is a MISSION BASE for evangelism and making disciples, marking disciples through baptism by immersion in His churches, maturing disciples throuh preaching, teaching, learning and practicing all that Jesus commanded, and mobilizing His disciples to go to our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth.

2. The Camp is a MISSION OUTPOST from which churches, associations, youth groups, etc. can stay at Hillcrest and reach out to the hurting mission fields in the heartland of America through the “Mississipi River Ministries” (MRM) to provide disaster relief, vacation Bible schools, surveys, literacy projects, backyard Bible clubs, food ministries, construction projects, healthcare ministries, clothing ministries, block parties, camps, rallies, etc.

3. Hillcrest is a MISSION TRAINING CENTER where volunteers can be trained working in local river ministries, prisons, Hog Rock Motorcycle Ministries, etc. and state, national, and international mission projects.

Please click on the Leader’s Planning Guide for further information.

Managers, Officers and Directors to Contact for Service Opportunities

Camp Manager: (618) 289-3036

Camp Office Manager: (618) 289-3036

Dr. Mike Rust, President of HBC Board of Directors and pastor in KY: Home (270) 522-8490 Cell (270) 350-1107

Mr. John Jackett, Vice President of HBC Board of Directors and AL representative; Supervises construction, rennovations, and repair projects. Cell (256) 708-2345

Mr. Paul Kunath, Treasurer; Home (618) 683-6351, Cell (618) 977-3297, 

Rev. Chris Downing, Secretary of HBC Board of Directors, Pastor in TN, and TN representative; Home (731) 407-7023, Office (731) 593-5276,

Dr. David Jester, President Emeritus; Home (254) 294-8408 Cell (254) 717-5076,

Please call or e-mail any of the above Officers/Directors listed above or our Managers listed under “Contact Information” on the Home page or click on “Staff” if we can be of service in any way. Our purpose is to seek “to become all things to all peoples that we might by all means (help) and save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Please click on “Prayer: Petitions and Praise” or contact the office listed under “Staff” to submit a Petition or Praise item.

The vast majority of our pastors and church ministers in the Southern Baptist Convention are very special and dedicated bi-vocational pastors and church ministers who take care of their families by pastoring a church and working in a lay or other position to provide for their families. Unfortunately, some do not have sufficient time nor money to obtain ministerial training. Thus, Hillcrest tries to provide conferences, seminars and other aids to help them with their sacred calling and responsibilities. If you are interested, please contact the Camp Manager by clicking on “Staff”. If we can provide other services to you, please let the Camp Manager know and we will be very grateful.


The mission of the Camp is to be obedient to the “Great Commandment”, the “Great Commission”, and all the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ contained in His Holy Word through the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The Mission of the camp is religious, educational, and charitable.

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